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We will do everything you need for your website. News section, quick contact section, comments section, integrated treatwell system and countless other functionalities for the convenience of your customers.

We work closely together to realize your website vision. What colors, style, arrangement – everything depends on your wishes.

The website is programmed without any templates, adapted to your needs. Sometimes wordpress can’t do what you need. But we can program it.

Manually programmed websites are faster and more resistant to attacks.

We can create a back end for your website or company’s internal system. We program with GoLang. It is a rapidly gaining popularity programming language characterized by simplicity and efficiency.

We can offer long-term cooperation in the development, improvement and support of your company’s systems.

We can host your website on a VPS server managed by us.

We constantly maintain, update and repair our server, as well as all the websites hosted on it, so your website will be constantly maintained with us.


About me

Everything is possible if you really want it

Before I became a programmer, I worked in the field of psychology. I started learning programming for a change. After the courses, I continued to learn and deepen my knowledge in various fields of programming and currently I work individually programming websites and systems.

I can create a website from back-end to front-end. I develop with wordpress and deal with system administration. Therefore, I understand how a website is “born” and what is needed for its optimal functioning, and I can provide comprehensive assistance.

For me, creating websites is not just putting together text and images or writing code, but also continuous cooperation with clients in order to realize their vision as accurately as possible.


What's the difference between wordpress and HTML website?



The website does not have additional functionalities that are not used, so the website runs faster.


The website is more secure, more resistant to attacks. Genius lies in simplicity.

Harder to edit

Since there is no user interface in the production of the website, adding new posts, parts of the website is more difficult.

Features require a lot of work

Since there is no user interface in web development, making even simple functionalities takes a lot of time and requires programming knowledge.


Easy to change

Websites built through a user interface are characterized by simplicity. You will be able to write new posts without the help of a programmer.

Faster to make

A website can be made much faster, and it is also much easier to add all the desired functionality.

Less reliable

Due to the fact that many different plugins are used to create the website, the website is more vulnerable to attacks.

Not suitable for exceptional needs

Wordpress has a limited amount of functionality, so in exceptional cases it cannot implement what you need.

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